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These General Terms and Conditions apply to Oppdal Booking AS and parties who, directly or through a third party, enter into an agreement with Oppdal Booking according to what is stated in the booking confirmation (the Guest). The agreement may apply to accommodation, the purchase of other products and services, or a combination of the above.

Be sure to check your confirmation. It is your responsibility as a guest to check that information such as arrival and departure dates are correct. This document confirms your reservation that is received by Oppdal Booking. Because the travel document is a contract it is important that the guest verifies that it is correctly what was ordered.  Changes or additional information need to be related to Oppdal Booking immediately. Upon payment the travel terms are accepted by the guest.

For complete regulations please refer to the guidelines of the association of Norwegian lift operators (ALF) which can obtained from the lift operating company upon request. Season passes require either a photograph to be taken or positive identification from one of the following: a bank card, a driver’s license or a pass port ID. Lift tickets are personal and not transferable. Lost tickets are not replaced and there is no right to return a ticket. Upon abuse or breach of guidelines, the ticket may be withdrawn. There is no refund for unforeseen shut-downs caused by bad weather, electrical outage, technical errors, etc. Any sale of lift tickets and any use of facilities or parts of the downhill areas is done by purchasers/users as consumers. Any commercial activity within the boundaries of Oppdal Skisenter or facilities requires a written confirmation from the management of the company. Further questions may be directed to Oppdal Skisenter. Telephone number +47 72 40 44 80 or through e-mail at ski@oppdalbooking.no.

• The age limit for reservation of accommodation is 18 years for hotel rooms and Oppdal Gjestetun, 20 years for apartments and 25 years of cabins.
• The age limit during Easter and New Years weekends in apartments is 23 years at Oppdal Gjestetun and 20 years at Oppdal Alpintun for everyone in the unit.
• The guest that reserves the unit must live in the unit during the entire stay, and is responsible for ensuring that the travel terms are respected and followed by all guests living within the unit.
• The said age limits do not apply for organized groups, travel companies with leaders or for families.
•All traveling parties may be requested a photo identification upon arrival.

Your reservation may be paid with Visa, Euro or MasterCard.

For online purchases, reservations must be paid with credit card upon the point of order and are binding from the moment that the payment is completed.

You may cancel your reservation either by telephone +47 72 40 08 00 or in writing via e-mail at post@oppdalbooking.no. Any prepaid amount may or may not be refunded according to the following terms.

24 hour grace period: If there are more than 30 days to arrival and less than 24 hours since the reservation was made, we allow cancellation off all travel products/services provided we are not restricted by subsuppliers of stricter terms.

If the cancellation is with regards to an accommodation product or guided activity and there are more than 60 days prior to arrival, you will be refunded the amount paid less NOK 100 for nigh rental (hotel) per unit/guided activity per participant or NOK 175 for period rental (cabin/apartment) per unit. This is not valid for products sold as part of a package or reserved as a consequence of a term for another product.

If the cancellation is with regards to an accommodation product and there are 60 days or less to arrival and we succeed in selling the unit to another customer, there will be a refund for the prepaid amount less a cancellation fee of NOK 500. If the unit cannot be resold to another guest the rental fee will not be refunded. If cancellation is due to documented illness, and the unit reserved cannot be resold to another guest, use of personal travel insurance is highly recommended.

Other travel products/services than those described above are not refunded upon cancellation.

When booking combinations of arrangements sold by Oppdal Booking for a price indicated in advance (packages), the guest cannot cancel individual products in the arrangement. For cancellation of individual/all persons in the package, the same rules apply as for cancellation of accommodation/travel.

We recommend that you use your personal cancellation insurance. This can be purchased through your insurance company.

Valid identification must be provided when requested upon checking in for all parties living within the unit. A completed guest list is to be handed in to the reception upon arrival. The lodging company has a right to refuse access to a unit if this term not complied with.

•The guest has a responsibility to use the fixtures and furnishings within the unit in a manner that does not cause damage or excessive wear and tear and also is responsible for following all house rules that apply. Between 22:00 and 07:00 there is to be quiet on the premises with kind consideration to other guests. 
The guest has the responsibility of following all rules regarding smoking and pets (animals).  Violation of these rules results in a fine of minimum NOK 1500.
•The guest is fully responsible for lost items and damage to the accommodation or to inventory if the guest or persons with access to the unit conduct themselves in a negligent and reckless manner. The guest has a responsibility to cover excessive costs owed to the owner by himself and fellow travelers. Excessive costs include the request of guard personnel due to noise or vandalism, havoc and the costs of clean up.
• The guest is responsible for keeping the unit tidy both inside and out. Trash and empty bottles are to be taken out of the rooms to the garbage containers upon departure. Bed sheets should be taken off and put on the room floor. If the guest has paid for compulsory departure cleaning, the guest is still required to washing up dishes, general tidying up internally and externally, taking out garbage and emptying bottles from the unit to the garbage containers.
• Maximum capacity of the unit as stated in the rental agreement must not be exceeded. The unit is to be used only for vacation and leisurely purposes.

The lodging company Oppdal Booking has the right to terminate a rental agreement without notice and immediately if you or your traveling party:
• make noise in the rental unit/area or appear to bother other guests; or
• commit vandalism in the rental unit/area or do not treat this with proper care; or
• use the rental unit/ cabin inappropriately; or
• fail to respect the local travel terms or conduct oneself in an improper manner.

With termination at a breech of contract, the guest and their party is to leave the premises immediately. The guest has no right to reimbursement of amounts paid for the remainder of their stay. In addition, Oppdal Booking may demand that compensation be paid in addition for any loss caused due to the breech of contract. The guest sanctions that Oppdal Booking AS the right to remove personal items and block access to the rental unit if the terms for rental are breeched and if the unit is not vacated after the  termination of contract.

If the guest upon arrival find the rental unit or cabin to be unsatisfactory, we ask that a complaint is made immediately to the receptionist or that the person on telephone duty is contacted. This way arrangements can be made quickly for a problem free stay. Complaints must be made the latest 11:00 am the day after arrival. Problems during the stay must be related to the receptionist or person on telephone duty immediately such that it is possible to correct the problem.

Be advised that special requests for specifically desired apartments and cabins are not guaranteed.

• Check-in is earliest at 16:00 on the day of arrival. Check- out is latest 11:00 am the day of departure
• Linens, fire wood, children’s beds/chairs may be reserved. These items are to be reserved latest 24 hours before arrival. There is a limited amount of children’s beds and chairs.
• kitchen towels, toilet paper, bed linens, towels, firewood, children’s chairs and children’s beds are not included in the lodgment price. Smoke free and pet free units are not guaranteed to be allergy sanitized.
•Oppdal Booking is not economically responsible for technical problems associated with internet access.
• Musical systems are not allowed on the properties.

Oppdal Booking offers a snow guarantee. This means that if the destination does not meet the requirements for its snow guarantee, the Guest can opt not to travel to the destination. The snow guarantee is valid for everyone that makes a reservation of both accommodation and ski pass at the same time (and if you want also ski rental and ski school) through Oppdal Booking. The Guest will then be refunded the amount that was paid according to the snow guarantee.

The ”Angrerett” law does not apply to services where the seller at the time of agreement commits to deliver the service at a given time or in a given time period (such as accommodation, hotel rooms, tickets, etc). This is in accordance with the law section 19 point b: Exceptions and limitations to the law of angrerett.

With the exception of the Snow Guarantee, Oppdal Booking AS is not responsible for unsatisfactory snow conditions, closed facilities and other conditions not within our control. We do not take responsibility for mistakes on our website or in our printed material.

Oppdal Booking is not under any circumstance responsible for lost or damaged luggage. Examples, but not limited to as such, is luggage stored in a rented cabin, apartment, during activities, during travel, etc.
The hotel is legally entitled, as security in a claim against a guest, to retain luggage and in certain circumstances, in line with set rules, to sell it. Your valuables can usually be stored in the hotel's safety deposit boxes. Do not leave luggage unattended in the lobby. Some hotels can store your luggage in a locked luggage room, but cannot be held responsible for the stored property. If the key to a safety deposit box should be lost, the holder of the deposit box consequently becomes reliable for the associated charge. The hotel is not obliged to store property of high value. The hotel has no strict responsibility for property that you keep in your hotel room.

Parties can withdraw from the booking contract the rental unit cannot be rented out due to war, natural disasters, interruptions in water supply, electricity supply, etc. that neither renter or tenant can foresee or influence.

Any other disputes regarding termination of agreement or transaction shall be resolved by Sør-Trøndelag Tingrett.

Oppdal Booking extends a warm welcome to Oppdal!

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