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Our beautiful community is located in Mid Norway. Oppdal community is 2271 square kilometers.
The settlement and cultural landscape follows the main valleys and roads from Kongsvoll and Dovrefjell in the south, Sunndalen in the west, and Fagerhaug to the north. The population is just over 6500.

As far as the natural environment, Oppdal was designed for recreation, and has many different types of activities - with variations depending on the terrain. Oppdal takes great pride in these natural resources.

Our activity brochure will give you an overview of what Oppdal can offer, the special things to see, the beautiful natural landscape, and numerous activities for groups as well as individuals.
Fishing Trip with guide Oppdal is surrounded by mountains with plenty of lakes and waters with a good stocks of fish. Trout is the most common species, but the char is also found in several of the lakes.
Musk Ox Safari Dovrefjell National Park is the only place in Norway, and one of few places in the world, where you can experience the impressive musk ox.
Gondola 1125 meters The Gondola brings you to the top of Skjørstadhovden at 1125 meters and offers the best view of Oppdal and the surrounding mountains and scenic valleys.
Viewpoint Snøhetta In Dovrefjell National Parc facing majestic Snøhetta Mountain you find spectacular Viewpoint Snøhetta voted "World Building of the Year" in 2011.
Rafting - Family Exciting Rafting Trip for the entire family.
Rafting - Standard Fun and varied rafting on the Driva river which flows from Dovrefjell to Sunndalsfjorden.
Almannberget 1342 meters A spectaculare hike to Oppdals nr. 1 landmark. Almannberget 1342 meters above see level.
Moose Safari Guided trip to see moose.
Biking in Oppdal Oppdal has great opportunities for biking whether you are after scenic family trips or challenging mountain biking.
Gondola & Guided Hike Take a hike the easy way with a gondola trip and a guided trip from Hovden to Vangslia and back.
Guided Mountain Hike Join us on an invigorating mountain hike with our local guide and experience the wonders of the norwegian wood.
Canyoning Canyoning is a real nature experience with lots of fun and excitement! From age 15.
Oppdal Golf Club Oppdal Golf Course is a challenging and scenic 9-hole course, sloped as 18-holes.
Bike & Gondola Hire a mountain bike and explore Oppdal on your own. It's a lot to see and you will enjoy a day of fun and adventure!
Rafting - Gråura Rafting in the spectacular Gråura stretch on the Driva river - Level V - rafting experience is required.
Oppdal Bowling Bowlig passer alle uansett vær!
Shopping i Oppdal I Oppdal kan du trygt sette av en dag til shopping!
GRUPPEAKTIVITET Start kvelden med en aperitiff på Oppdals tak 1125 m.o.h.
Gruppeaktivitet Tvekamp Tvekampen er en konkurranse for grupper på minimum 8 deltakere. Her vekkes engasjement og konkurranseinstinkt!
Varighet: 2 timer
GRUPPEAKTIVITET Oppdalsrunden.En uhøytidelig konkurranse i Oppdal sentrum
Gruppeaktivitet Zip Line Har du lyst til å kjenne adrenalinet bruse 30 meter over elva Driva? Prøv Vengavollspranget Zip Line!
Varighet: 1 time
Aldersgrense: 7 år
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